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Transport and Logistics

Either it is on road, railways, in airs or on sea, the transport and logistics continues to develop due to worldwide exchanges and e-commerce expansion.

To accompany this development in order to intervene in the right moment in the different domains to know, control of the transport engines traffic, stocks management, production plans calculation, management of materials maintenance and transport, fulfillment of command actions, delivery, invoicing, technical and commercial information analysis.

We are present by our HMS Transport and Logistics to reply to the actual speed demands.

A great functional richness covers :

  • Tier management customers, correspondents or chartered
  • The exploitation of transport operations
  • The management of means of transport and storing
  • Purchase/ sale of transport tools
  • Planning of lorry fleets
  • The management of pool containers
  • Indicators of delay measurement
  • Invoicing of associated parts to these jobs and the accountant writing transfers
  • Budget feigning of different scenarios for the logistics chain
  • Drawing management
  • Decisional showing around and associated analytical exploitation
  • And many other functions


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