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HMS Academy

HMS Academy is a training center of the new technologies of computing. It is licensed by the state and it is one of the important actors in the field of the development of « TIC Talents ». Its offer represents almost tens of trainings, seminars and practical training, professional careers and certified cycles that are licensed by national and international organisms.

The pedagogical team HMS Academy, which is made up of experts who are experienced in their domains, studies your training plans and advises you in the choice of courses and professional careers. It works to suggest global solutions that can include engineering pedagogy, inter and intra companies courses and standard and specific courses.

HMS Academy courses are conceived and presented by high qualified experts. They are selected and validated by the pedagogical team and the responsibles of the different domains. They are based on an active pedagogy, alternate concepts and exercises, cases studies and they don't have a relation with any particular school. This guarantees a perfect independence and objectivity.

A technical expertise and a know how pedagogy are at the service of your learning on :

  • ORACLE Technologies
  • MICROSOFT technologies
  • Open source technologies
  • Administration and exploitation of professional software solutions of HMS

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