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To cover the complete cycle of the information treatment, the HMS mobility pole offers its clients access possibilities to the resources and applications from any position, either it is connected or no to the company network.

The collaborative platforms and the flexibility solutions created new uses and excellent opportunities of productivity gains and of the competitivity of your company. Their application implies diverse technologies but sometimes complex that need a global and specialized expertise of the documents acquisition to the date synchronization. Their spreading success goes through a proven experience in the assistance of the mastering of the best market practises. HMS Mobility has its own options that guarantee the fulfillment of your projects with gains on the expected investments.

We know doing :

  • Dematerialization of documents
  • Documentary management
  • Dematerialization of processes (WORKFLOW)
  • Collaborative gates (INTRANET/ EXTRANET)
  • Knowledge management (KM)
  • Logistics drawing (BAR CODE, RFID)
  • Geo localization (GPS/ GPRS)

Also, to guarantee your success in the internet challenges, HMS puts at your service a dedicated web production team which mission is :

  • Advice and assistance for the internet strategy elaboration
  • Visual identity concept
  • Production and the integration of portal sites
  • Help in showing around your website to increase the performance and to achieve your objectives

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